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Life Coaching

Common ‘real life’ illusions – paradox intended.

Stress doesn’t exist. It’s only the feeling you attach to your initial thought.

You don’t lack confidence. You’re full of confidence, you just don’t know it yet.

You can’t be depressed or anxious all of the time. It is impossible.

Your habits are not fixed. You can change your unwanted habits.

Looking in to the past will not give you the answers.


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About Me

I’m a Life Coach that uses an education-based approach, centred on the Three Principles of all human experience – Mind, Consciousness and Thought. 

I’m proud of my background – a husband; a father; having achieved a good level in sport, a psychiatric nurse, a strong education up to Master’s Degree in Applied Mental Health, a specialism in Dual Diagnosis – working with service users who have mental health issues and substance misuse, as well as mentoring other professionals to do the same thing.

I took my entrepreneurial skills into the business world, making a business start-up a great success and to achieve a high turnover and profit margin over a 6 year period.

The drive to take my skills into the business world came when my son was born - everything changed. It was so daunting! I thought – ‘I can do better. I want to do better’. I want to make him proud and make a good life, a better life for him.’ 

I guess those insecurities of being a new father, being enough, needing to be successful came into play. It drove me on in any case – my son inspired me.

I only look back at running my business with fond memories and it was a success. That said, I realise now that all the pressure I was putting on myself was created from within - Inside Out, all created from my thoughts and beliefs.

Consider this – whether you’re a business owner; a high performing athlete; dreading the week ahead and feeling ‘stressed out’ and anxious; worrying about that conversation with your boss;  whatever your experiencing in your life, it’s all coming from within. 

What about if you started to think about those experiences in a different way and challenged those thoughts? Could you see things differently? Try it.

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