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Adult Walking Football Coaching

Safe, fun, enjoyable and Inclusive sessions for individuals and organisations.  

Watch our video here to understand what we are all about.

Our Walking Football coaching sessions will be right for you if any of these scenarios are applicable:

Would you like to meet new people and join a group activity that is fun, enjoyable and comes with a camaraderie?

Have you had enough of mundane exercise or had enough of the gym?

Are you working shifts and would like to do something for an hour on your day off?

Did you used to play football but haven’t played for a long time? 

Do you know someone who is in a similar position to you that fancies a group

activity you could do together?

Has your GP recommended that you do more exercise?

Are you having time off work for a period due to a mental health issue?

Are you feeling isolated and looking for something new to do?

Are you recovering from a physical issue i.e. cancer, heart condition, knee operation and want to build your overall general fitness back up gradually?

Do you want to lose weight and are looking to do something with others alongside eating healthy?

Adult Walking Football: Services

Current Sessions

MONDAY - All levels of Mental Heath

10:30am at Harrow Leisure Centre

MONDAY - Older Adults

12:00pm at Harrow Leisure Centre 

THURSDAY - Diverse Abilities Session

11:30am at main entrance of Cassiobury Park

THURSDAY - Older Adults and All Mental Health 

1:00pm at Bushey Country Club

Sessions are currently delivered ad hoc for Veterans and those in recovery from serious illnesses, as well as in house sessions for services.  

FA Licensed Coaches

DBS Checked

First Aid trained

The sessions are broken down as follows to make sure there is enough to suit everybody’s needs.



Core strength



Spacial Awareness

Contact us for more information.

Adult Walking Football: About
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Adult Walking Football: Video Player

The focus groups below are where our passions are rooted.

Mental Health Issues– whether it’s acute or longer term problems, our skills and background ensure that we’re sensitive to your needs and adapt sessions for you.

Over 50’s and Retired People– if you’re looking to rekindle a previous hobby, want to try something new, or to do something that is a fun way to keep fit. We’ll make sure it’s worth trying us out and welcome you.

Veterans– if you enjoy the camaraderie and teamwork, want to meet new people and enjoy the banter in a welcoming group, then this is just right for you.

Recovery from physical conditions– if you’re needing an enjoyable exercise to continue strengthening a particular part of your body, or mobilising your joints following an operation, you can gradually build up your fitness in our sessions at your own pace.

We’re proud partners of individuals from our local communities, as well as a wealth of organisations listed at the bottom of our page, who are involved in our public sessions or in-house sessions

Adult Walking Football: Headliner
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